LIW team solutions

Team Essentials

Direction, dynamics and trust

Teams at any stage can rebuild their foundations. A team is defined a group with a common goal, interdependency in delivering it and the trust required for high performance.  This solution builds each of those elements.

Agile Teams

Scrums that work

‘Agile’ principles can deliver customer focus, innovation, flexibility and business results but it’s not a given. Success requires more than just stand ups, kanbans and retros: teams need to have all the conditions in place to be able to experiment, learn and adapt.

Remote Teams

Connecting to perform

The future of teams is that people will be spread across the world, in offices, at home and anywhere else that works best. But this opportunity brings with it some new challenges. How do you stay together when you are apart? LIW’s STAR Team solution is for intact teams to learn together and perform together and is delivered totally virtually.

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Mission-critical teams

Teams that cannot fail

Some teams just have to succeed – without them, things go badly wrong for the whole organisation and beyond. This advanced solution combined connection exercises, deep psych profiling and Heart Rate Variability monitoring to connect team members in new ways to enable them to reach new levels of performance.


Provides insights for all squads to build high performance
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