8 11, 2018

When banter isn’t funny

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By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

Here in the UK, the corporate world is not doing itself any favours.

Sir Philip Green, the chairman of the Arcadia retail group has been named in parliament as the man accused by a newspaper of alleged sexual harassment and racial abuse of staff.  He brushed it off as […]

22 11, 2017

Remote teams: out of sight, out of mind?

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By Eve Chaloner, Project Manager, LIW

Working remotely and feeling paranoid about relationships with your co-workers? You’re not alone.

A recent HBR survey revealed that many remote workers feel left out, mistreated and potentially undermined by their co-located colleagues.

As new LIW and London School of Economics research discovered, building trust in […]

12 07, 2017

I hate you, let’s collaborate

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By Dan Hammond, Director, LIW

This week, a political leader showed some excellent leadership. These days, that’s news in itself.

Yes, UK Prime Minister Theresa May made a plea to the opposition for cross-party cooperation.  She committed herself to ‘an unshakable sense of purpose to build [a] better, fairer Britain’ – one that everyone could support.

While […]

15 02, 2017

What is trust?

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By Noj Hinkins, LIW Associate

That feeling of deep trust you have when someone else has your back? That’s oxytocin. It’s the feeling we have when we’re part of a high-performing team and it feels like a family.

The Apache chief Crazy Horse drew in many followers, just by being himself. As he smoked the peace […]

14 04, 2016

The airbed of trust

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In a TED talk recorded in February this year, Joe Gebbia, co-founder of airbnb, tells us how they designed the site to build trust.

At about 8:00, Joe shares some airbnb research that shows that we trust people who are like us: ‘a natural social bias’.  The interesting thing is that when hosts or guests have 10 or […]