18 01, 2018

A year of leadership moments

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By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

Well, we have survived Black Monday – when you have had time to fail to go to the gym as you resolved to do but you have not yet been paid.

50 weeks of 2018 lie ahead.  Full of promise. And gym dues.

It is also a landscape packed with […]

13 09, 2017

More important things

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By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

This weekend I was having one of those political ‘conversations’ with JJ, a Facebook friend (we disagree on Brexit) and something amazing happened.

During the discussion, I complimented him on his long public service and suddenly I received an IM from him sharing a movie of his soul band […]

17 03, 2016

Leadership moments in the US presidential race? Surely not.

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“Yes, we can” was the presidential rallying call eight years ago. Last week it was “Knock the crap out of ‘em, would you?”

Leadership day and night. Many fear a dark one.

Shortly before Marco Rubio stepped out of the race he commented on Donald Trump’s style in a surprisingly human way.  “The job of a […]