28 04, 2016

This happy place

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By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

Imagine hosting an event for over 50,000 people – young, old, abled, disabled – from across the planet and delighting them 365 days a year for 60 years? Add to that a sense of magic which revives the weary from a stressed-out and always-on world.

A recent trip to Disney reduced my […]

29 10, 2014

Are you swimming without trunks on?

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A recent article by the BBC gathered a number of Silicon Valley investors to warn against  the high ‘burn rate’ of some start-ups.  

That’s valley-speak for spending too much.  

One investor was quoted: “I’ve definitely seen some start-ups where the company makes no money and yet their office is ridiculously nice”.

Another warned: “When the market […]