8 05, 2019

Customer centricity is not just about culture

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By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

It’s the ambition of many organisations to have ‘a customer-centric culture’.

It’s a worthy goal but culture can be elusive. As Justice Potter Stewart said about pornography in the landmark 1964 Jacobellis vs Ohio case, ‘you know it when you see it’. But how do you make it?

Culture, […]

20 09, 2018

Empowerment Street

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By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

In a conversation this week with an HRD about the coming cultural shift needed for the digital future, a surprising point arose.

He said that while people know that they are closer to organisational challenges than their boss, at the same time they are waiting to be told what […]

28 03, 2018

Leadership is simple

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By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

Microsoft, with the help of the NeuroLeadership Institute, just took their 100 leadership competencies and replaced them with three big ideas: create clarity, generate energy, deliver results.  This ‘radical simplicity’ ‘exploded like wildfire across the company’.

Here at LIW, we have championed this cause for over 20 years, […]

29 09, 2016

The ‘human error’ is sometimes at the top

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By Dan Hammond, Director, LIW

The owners of a UK theme park were fined this week over an accident that caused serious injuries in 2015.

The firm, Merlin Entertainment, who had blamed ‘human error’, were told by the judge that it was a ‘catastrophic failure’ and a ‘shambles’ which could have been avoided.

What does this mean […]

21 09, 2016

Culture eats the opposition for breakfast

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By Noj Hinkins, Associate Consultant

Why is Saracens Europe’s superclub?

The 5-day bonding trip to Bordeaux, with no training included? The focus they place on players to look ahead beyond rugby? Their coach’s comment that it had been a good training session because, he “was hardly required… The players were just coaching each other”?

It is all of […]

1 04, 2015

Unless you are firing a missile, stop giving orders!

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Get a cup of tea (or coffee – the beverage is not important) and watch this 10 minute video from Inno-Versity with Captain David Marquet, a submarine commander.

Marquet defines leadership as ‘Embedding the capacity for greatness in the people and practices of an organization, and decoupling it from the personality of the leader.’

Quite the opposite of what you […]

10 12, 2014

Oversight, not hindsight

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Torture, according to US Senator John McCain “compromises that which most distinguishes us from our enemies”.  That distinction became less clear this week.

The Senate intelligence committee’s report into torture by the CIA in the years after 9/11 makes difficult reading, including many cruel and unusual techniques that yielded little information but certainly “stained” the national honour.

Bad […]