Practical solutions to real problems

Put simply, we understand business. We know the issues you face and we provide the solutions so you don’t have to go it alone. To help you achieve success, we’ve identified ten present-day business challenges and refined a set of leadership solutions to overcome each one. Each solution is adapted to meet the needs of your business using proven tools and expert consultants to get the results you want.

So, which of these challenges are you facing?


No clear vision, purpose or strategy

Setting business direction

Facilitated top team workshops, supported by external and internal diagnostic work. Includes ‘three clouds’ strategy tool.


Siloed working or poor collaboration

The collaborative leader

With a focus on how leaders build social capital, make joint decisions and lead execution, this solution gives practical tools to get things done with others.


Internal focus, poor service

Leading customer centricity

At the heart of this solution is ‘TLC’: a proven process for building customer-centric culture from the frontline.


Conflict with partners or suppliers

Leading partner centricity

This solution brings the two parties together to get on the same page starting with shared goals and then creating the conditions for joint success.


Lagging the competition in ideas

Leading innovation

While most approaches to innovation are to improve the individual’s competence, this solution creates all the conditions for innovation to thrive in the organisation.


Inability to navigate market transitions

Next curve leadership

Many markets are in dramatic transition so companies face a ‘change or die’ situation. This solution builds leadership at all levels to cross the chasm.


Middle management not delivering strategy

Leading from the middle

In fast-changing markets, this solution will give leaders in the middle the essential skills to rapidly translate strategy while adapting to change at the front line.


Poor integration / post acquisition

Leading mergers

This solution gives leaders across both organisations the tools to avoid internal competition and to create a single entity that is the best it can be to win in the market.


Lack of leadership bench strength

High potential leadership

Successful organisations retain their talent through creating the conditions where these leaders are challenged and supported. This solution does both.