Individual Solutions

leadership is all about other people but we sometimes need a little help so that we can help others!  LIW’s Individual solutions – like everything we do – are designed to be immediately impactful, cost-effective and to work around your work:

Building self-awareness: our fave assessment tools. 

LSI – this is a 360-based tool that will give you the key insights you need to know about your behaviour.  Leaders should be constructive – this will tell you if you are.

Leadership Impact – the cousin of LSI, this one goes a step further to tell you what behaviours you invoke in others. Incredibly powerful.

HBDI – The Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument’s power is in its simplicity.  It’s easy to understand so you can use it immediately. It tells you your thinking preferences so you can play to your strengths and work with others where you are not so hot!

Hogan – this is the big one. A powerful psychometric tool that will give you a insights about your positive characteristics but also your dark side that needs to be handled with care! (link to Hogan Assessments)

Click here if you want to know about yourself or one of these instruments!

Doing to learn: leadership, tailored to you

Our unique Personal Impact Program combines agile working, asynchronous comms (so you can so things when you want) with the latest cloud communication tools. Your LIW coach will support you in dealing with real challenges, learning approaches as you go.  Most interaction is via recorded video supported by your very own Kanban for organising and tracking tasks.  If you want your leadership impact to take off, click here to find out more.

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