Did you skip the gym today?   Did you have that snack that you swore only two weeks ago would not darken your door again?

Yes, this is when New Year’s resolutions start to lose their resolve.  But help is at hand!  

TED asked Kelly McGonigal (see this bleet) how science can help us.   Here’s what she says:

  • Choose a goal that matters, not just an easy win.
  • Focus on the process, not the outcome.
  • Frame your goals positively.
  • Prepare for failure (in a good way).

 What does this mean for leadership?

Go back and look at those points, not with resolutions but your work goals in mind.  How do they stack up?  And as a leader, ask yourself what your team or organisation would think.

Take a moment to rewrite your goals.  Perhaps with a green tea in hand?