In a TED talk recorded in February this year, Joe Gebbia, co-founder of airbnb, tells us how they designed the site to build trust.

At about 8:00, Joe shares some airbnb research that shows that we trust people who are like us: ‘a natural social bias’.  The interesting thing is that when hosts or guests have 10 or more reviews, the trust sky-rockets.

Reputation beats difference.

What does this mean for leadership?

It’s vital for us to establish trust quickly with people who are ‘totally different’.  That’s what cross-BU, global collaboration requires.

We don’t have public reviews of people in organisations (although now we think about it, it’s not a bad idea…) so we need other ways to demonstrate reputation.  It’s another reason to build your network and leave everything better than you found it.

Like staying in someone’s home.

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