By Juliet Hammond, LIW Business Impact Consultant

This month, there are some predictions from leading thinkers – Ken Blanchard puts teams at the core, seeing technology and personalised learning as the future. LinkedIn predictions talk of mental health at work and focus as a core skill this decade, and see unicorn founders being replaced by female zebra entrepreneurs who solve real world problems and build sustainable and profitable companies. McKinsey and Accenture delivered research which finds that whole person leadership is more effective than left brain approaches. 2020 top learning technologies will be natural language tools, context driven skill-building and insights over data. The 4Ds of training deliver the most effective learning when dislocation, disconnection and discomfort all lead to discovery.  The secret to digital hiring – hire for potential then build soft skills and teamwork, and businesses which take care of environmental, social and governance (ESG) obligations perform better and have happier staff.

What does this mean for leadership?

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