By Juliet Hammond, LIW Business Impact Consultant

From ecosystems and the cloud, to teams and individuals, our research covers everyone this month. MIT Researchers sort through the myths and realities of ecosystems. HBR writers get excited about the opportunities of the Personal Learning Cloud, and we’re encouraged to embrace generational shifts and develop leadership in everyone to prepare for the future. To avoid conflicts in teams set them up right from the start, with clear goals and roles and then build trust. Lencioni reminds us that the 5 dysfunctions of teams apply to team leaders too; they need to be vigilant. Dan Rockwell reminds us that making commitments takes courage, but it does pay off in creativity and energy. Finally, HBR tells us that there might be so few women in leadership because we are too willing to accept inadequate male leaders. That’s one to chew over!…

What does this mean for leadership?

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