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16 01, 2020

Keep Calm and Carry On Communicating

2020-01-16T13:19:52+00:002020/01/16 at 1:19 PM|

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

In the midst of a crisis, you don’t want the words of Dad’s Army’s Corporal Jones ‘Don’t panic’ ringing in your ears!

Whilst the national political leadership of the Australian bush fire crisis has been highly questionable, those leading on the front line have stepped up with exemplary pragmatic, straight and […]

9 01, 2020

Special bleet: Latest leadership research

2020-01-09T16:28:13+00:002020/01/09 at 4:28 PM|

By Juliet Hammond, LIW Business Impact Consultant

This month, there are some predictions from leading thinkers – Ken Blanchard puts teams at the core, seeing technology and personalised learning as the future. LinkedIn predictions talk of mental health at work and focus as a core skill this decade, and see unicorn founders being replaced by […]

17 12, 2019

Festive connections

2019-12-17T12:16:43+00:002019/12/17 at 12:15 PM|

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

As we gather round the festive table to reconnect, celebrate and spread the cheer, it’s sobering to hear from the Australian Bureau of Statistics that one in eight of us will be suffering high or very high psychological distress this season.

Johann Hari explores this growing phenomenon in his new book […]

13 12, 2019

Vote for the Grey Party

2019-12-13T13:24:35+00:002019/12/13 at 1:24 PM|

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

The UK general election campaign that mercifully ended yesterday, caps off a year of divisive, black and white politics. Division seems to have built to a crescendo before the new decade arrives.

The main party positions were at extremes with many voters dissatisfied with all offerings. In the end, […]

5 12, 2019

Curiosity vs Bias

2019-12-05T14:18:21+00:002019/12/05 at 2:18 PM|

By Andy Chevis, Managing Consultant, LIW

This is the second in our series of bleets on how we need to change ourselves in order to make the 2020s a ‘grey’ decade: less black and white, more curiosity and more connection to our fellow humans inside and outside work.

Let’s face it, curiosity is tough. It’s exhausting […]

28 11, 2019

Here’s to a grey decade

2019-11-28T18:37:13+00:002019/11/28 at 4:13 PM|

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

We are just four bleets away from the end of the year – and a decade.

The 2010s (they never even had a cool name!) was, according to The Guardian who devoted a magazine to it, ‘the decade that left no room for shades of grey.’

During this decade, social […]

21 11, 2019

Beware of your factory settings

2019-11-21T13:56:28+00:002019/11/21 at 1:56 PM|

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

A recent article in Psychology Today shared research by neuroscientist Matt Lieberman that shows that there are two parts of the prefrontal cortex used for processing information about identity: the medial prefrontal cortex (active during our default mode or when we are not focused on the external […]

14 11, 2019

Special bleet: Latest leadership research

2019-11-14T13:49:20+00:002019/11/14 at 1:49 PM|

By Juliet Hammond, LIW Business Impact Consultant

McKinsey research finds people are positive about technology’s impact on society, but we need to agree on what positive looks like! They propose a Helix organisation where individual development is decoupled from getting stuff done in an agile world. Research finds top innovators have bold aspirations and are […]

7 11, 2019

Borders and fences

2019-11-07T14:02:55+00:002019/11/07 at 2:02 PM|

By Pia Lee, CEO, LIW

It appears that we like to put up walls just as quickly after taking them down.

Nick Miller’s report in the Sydney Morning Herald documented Europe’s rise in borders and fences since the fall of the Berlin Wall 30 years ago. Our desire to protect ourselves from threat – perceived […]

31 10, 2019

Who’s in your squad?

2019-11-01T10:35:55+00:002019/10/31 at 12:27 PM|

By Dan Hammond, Chief Disruption Officer, LIW

The Rugby World Cup is treating us to some bone-crunching action and some leadership lessons.

Eddie Jones, England’s coach, was asked in a press conference about his decision to ‘drop’ fly-half George Ford in their win against Australia. His answer was forthright: ‘I didn’t drop him mate. I […]